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Why choose our services
Our Process
Our Obligation
  • Dental Professional Staffing ensure reliable, dependable and experience service.

  • DPS holds a Code of Ethics for each personnel.

  • Most important our job is to keep your office stress free.

  • At Dental Professional Staffing we do a thorough interview, along with a reference check.

  • We screen each personnel and verify license yearly.

  • DPS actively monitors the performance of each personnel.

  • At Dental Professional Staffing, our obligation is to match your office with the right personnel.

  • We want your office to experience a smooth transition.

  • Whether it's a short term or long term assignment.  

  • We are available 24 hours a day  7 days.    

You have enough to worry about, let DPS help keep your office  fully staffed!

We appreciate you thinking of Dental Professional Staffing as a potential reference source for both temporary and long-term employment. Our objective is to place you in the ideal workplace. At Dental Professional Staffing, we give your CV a full examination and get in touch with any prior employers. 


                                    Our mission is to hire Personnel that are very experienced, trustworthy, and collaborative.

                                     At DPS, we want everyone to have confidence and work through each assignment smoothly.

                                Please complete and submit the application below, and indicate the days you are available to work.

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